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Why Use A Buyer's Agent?


When it comes to buying real estate, it never hurts to get as much help as possible. Navigating the complex waters of today's real estate market can be daunting. With so much information being thrown at you, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Having a sense of being in over your head can lead to poor decisions or finding yourself in a situation that you had not anticipated. With a buyer's agent by your side, all of the information gets filtered and processed by an experienced professional who has only your best interests at heart.


What Can A Buyer's Agent Do For You?


There are definite limitations to the ways in which a seller's agent can assist you when buying a home. Many times, brokers and other professionals have commissions in mind that can cloud their judgment and cost you extra money. A buyer's agent, on the other hand, works to get you the best of everything, from finding the right home to the most reasonable mortgage rate.


A Buyer's Agent Can Perform These Functions

  • Explain forms and agreements

  • Arrange showings

  • Monitor closings and escrows

  • Give reasons why you shouldn't buy a particular property

  • Protect your best interests

  • Give you access to the whole market - including listed and unlisted properties, along with homes that are for sale by owner

  • Help you out with financing

  • Help you negotiate the best possible price and advises you on how to frame your offer in the most strategic way

  • Give you accurate, clear and concise information at all times


















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